Appraisal Solutions

We provide a broad and diverse range of appraisal solutions. We can provide services to this list of property types:

Property Types:

Property Types   

•Commercial - office, retail   

•Apartments (5+ Units)   

•Mixed Use   

•Medical Facilities   

•Industrial / R & D   

•Manufactured Home Parks   

•Land - Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Subdivided, Acreage, Open Space, Contaminated/ Stigma  

•Car Wash Facilities  

•Convenience Stores   

•Gas Stations   


•Hotels/Motels, Resort, Bed & Breakfast, Timeshare Conversion, Timeshare Units  

•Senior Housing - Skilled-Nursing, Assisted-Living, Congregate Care, Alzheimer, etc.  

•Shopping Centers   

•Hospitals, Assisted Living Facility  

•Other Special Purpose - Student Housing, Charter Schools, Restaurant/ Bar/ Nightclub, Movie Theater, Church, University/ College, Day Care, Greenhouse/ Nursery, Outdoor Advertising Sign, Lumber Yard, Veterinary Clinic, Kennel, Bank Branch, Auto Dealership, Pay Parking Garage/ Lot, Corporate Headquarters, Historical Register

Portfolio Valuations

Large numbers of properties can be appraised on both an individual basis and/or as a whole.

Purpose and Use of Appraisal:

We appraise commercial property for a variety of purposes including:       

•REO / foreclosure asset evaluation    

•Property tax assessment review and appeals / abatements   

•Discounts to partial interests for lack of control (DLOC) & marketability (DLOM)    

•Expert witness testimony / litigation support    

•Dispute resolution (divorce / partnership dissolution / zoning issues)     

•Arbitration / Mediation    

•Defaulting CMBS assets    

•Divorce proceedings    

•Estate Settlement    

•Prospective valuation    

•Retrospective valuation    

•Portfolio valuation    

•Sale or asking price determination    

•Financial reporting (SFAS 141, SFAS 141R, SFAS 144 / IFRS)  

•Buy / sell agreements    


•Eminent domain / condemnation    

•Loss in value estimate due to contamination and other detrimental conditions    

•Price allocation (business value or goodwill, real property, personal property)    

•Estate planning, gifting, estate settlements, probate     

•Land utilization studies    

•Retrospective dates of value    

•Determination of investment value based on client's investment criteria    

•Partial & fractional interests (shares in partnerships, LLC's, ground leases, etc.)    

•Financing / refinancing